The Headless CafeSeeing your Buddha-nature is easy. 
Living from it is the challenge. 

Seeing who you really are
Nederlandse Taal



Freedom Workshop

Sunday April 23, 10.30 am - 5 pm 

A playful and practical one- day workshop  based on the book The Freedom to Love

In this workshop we will experiment with reality as it presents itself to us now and at any moment. Because at the heart of this reality I find the true freedom I can't find anywhere else in the world. The workshop is also an introduction to the Headless Way and the work of Douglas and Catherine Harding. Everybody is welcome: newcomers as well as Headless folk. On request the workshop will be in English as well as Dutch. 

Where: Headless Café in Lelystad

Costs: € 50 (including coffee/ tea, bring your own lunch)

Public transportation: Train to Lelystad Centraal, then bus 1 to Lelystad-Haven

For registration or information:

International Douglas Harding Celebration Event in Paris

Saturday and Sunday November 18/19 November, whole day

Workshops, video's, speakers, exhibition 

Where: Salle Saint-Agnès, 23 rue Oudinot, 75007 Paris.
(You'll have to arrange your accommodation yourself) 
This event is in two languages with translators; French and English.  

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